What are our goals?

We started the Tenancy Agreement Project to create fairness with Assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs). Today there are various versions of this that Tenants sign and Landlords produce with no governance or insights into whether they are fair or not to both parties. Various websites and agencies provide standardised templates, but these too are open to change and evolve over time. This leaves the parties in a situation where they are unsure what they are entering into is fair, or whether they are entering into a commitment that is too one-sided.

The goal of the project is to crowdsource 1000 contracts and using advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) and the latest Machine Learning techniques to construct a platform that can not only learn new clauses and terms but can give feedback to both Tenants and Landlords as to whether what they have is standard or not, and what may be missing or require additional review.

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