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We are, a trading style of Automate Legal Limited. We’re a company registered in England and Wales with company number 10502651, whose registered address is at 5 Beaumont Gate, Shenley Hill, Radlett, Hertfordshire, England, WD7 7AR. In this privacy notice, we will refer to ourselves as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’. We are the Data Controller of the personal information we collect, hold and use about you, as explained in this notice.

You can get hold of us in any of the following ways:

1. by phoning us on 0800 772 3386; or
2. by emailing us at

This privacy notice is designed to inform you about how we collect personal information about you and how we use that personal information. You should read this privacy notice carefully so that you know and can understand why and how we use the personal information we collect and hold about you.

If you have any questions about this privacy notice or issues arising from it, you should contact Ryan Hockley, who is responsible for matters relating to data protection at our organisation, including any matters in this privacy notice. You can contact him using the details set out above.

We may update this privacy notice from time to time. This version was last updated on 4 December 2018.

1           Key definitions

1.1           The key terms that we use throughout this privacy notice are defined below, for ease:

1.1.1      AST: means assured shorthold tenancy agreements for residential property lets in the UK.

1.1.2      AST Project: means the assured shorthold tenancy review project as described on the website and in these terms and conditions.

1.1.3      Insights: means the insights and other information relating to uploaded ASTs derived by us and our Partners in the course of performing the AST Project and provided back to Participants.

1.1.4      Participants: means the individuals who participate in the AST Project by uploading ASTs and providing Supporting Data using the Website.

1.1.5      Partners: means our collaboration partners in the AST Project which shall include university law schools, legal technology platform providers and other third parties.

1.1.6      Project Data: means any data, insights or custom platform training models that we obtain or derive from the ASTs, the Supporting Data and any related data collected or derived by us or the Partners during the AST Project.

1.1.7      Supporting Data: means the survey information provided by Participants when uploading ASTs to provide certain reportable metrics for the project.

1.1.8      the Website: means and

2           The AST Project

2.1           The aim of the AST Project is to derive insights into ASTs used in student accommodation and general residential lettings in the UK using emerging artificial intelligence and other legal technology software. A key aspect of the AST Project is to evaluate the software for its usability and performance in processing and interpreting ASTs and reporting meaningful and useful insights.

2.2           The first phase of the AST Project involves the collection of enough example ASTs to be used to select and train the appropriate software vendors to partner with on the project. During this period, there will not be a trained model to deliver insights to participants. The intention is that once a trained model exists and the AST Project derives insights into the composition of ASTs, some or all of the following Insightswill be presented back to Participants:

2.2.1      an indication as to whether the AST is weighted in favour of the landlord or the tenant(s) compared to national and regional average positions;

2.2.2      classification of the clauses present in the AST with an indication as to the frequency that they appear in ASTs and whether they are weighted in favour of the landlord or tenant(s);

2.2.3      a list of clauses which are missing from the AST with an indication as to the frequency of their omission and whether this favours the landlord or tenant;

2.2.4      other qualitative and quantitative insights based on the content of the AST and the Supporting Data.

2.3           It is envisaged that the AST Project could give rise to academic research and articles by one or more of our Partners. Such research and publication will use aggregated and/or anonymised information and will not contain personal information from which an individual could be identified. The use and transfer of Project Data for these purposes shall be at our sole discretion.

2.4           You acknowledge and agree that we may (at our discretion) commercially exploit the Project Data or any other output from the AST Project and that you have no right or claim or any other kind of beneficial entitlement whatsoever over the Project Data or any other the AST Project outputs.

3           What do these terms do and why are they important?

3.1           Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you participate in the AST Project via the Website. They contain important information, including

3.1.1      details about the AST Project and your participation in it

3.1.2      what we will provide to you in exchange for your participation in the AST Project

3.1.3      the situations in which this contract may be amended or cancelled by you or by us, and

3.1.4      how we will use your personal details

as well as other matters.

3.2           If, in these terms and conditions, we say that either of us may contact the other in ‘writing’, then this means it can be by letter or by email.

3.3           The AST Project is only running in the UK.

4           Your personal information

4.1           For information about how we collect and use your personal information, please see our website privacy notice.

5           the Contract between you and us

5.1           The legal contract between you and us will come into force when you participate in the AST Project using the Website.

5.2           You are not charged to participate in the AST Project. The Insights that we intend to provide to participants are done so entirely at our discretion.

5.3           If we tell you that your submission to the AST Project is not useable or if we are unable to supply the Insights for any reason, you will not be entitled to any refund or other compensation.

5.4           We reserve all rights to make changes to the AST Project, including those which could impact our ability to provide you with the Insights. We will notify you in respect of any changes which are likely to have a material impact on your participation in the AST Project.

6           Ownership and licensing of data

6.1           You hereby confirm that you have all necessary consents and approvals to upload ASTs and provide Supporting Data using the Website.

6.2           It is your responsibility on uploading ASTs to remove or permanently obscure any personal or confidential information. We are entitled to treat any information still apparent from the AST’s as rightly shared with us.

6.3           You grant us a transferable, royalty-free, perpetual and non-revocable licence to use the ASTs uploaded by you in connection with the AST Project and any related projects or uses.

6.4           Ownership of any Supporting Information shall pass to us immediately upon creation in the Website.

6.5           Project Data and Insights shall belong to us upon creation. We grant you a revocable, royalty-free, non-transferable licence to use the Insights in respect of any ASTs uploaded by you for your own personal and non-commercial use only.

6.6           Save as set out in this clause 6, no other rights are licensed or transferred to you through your participation in the AST Project.

7           Supply of Insights

7.1           Our ability to provide the Insights in respect of one or more ASTs uploaded by you will depend upon the success of the overall AST Project. We will not be able to provide Insights during the early stages of the project.

7.2       We will contact you to update you on progress of the AST Project and to notify you when Insights will be ready.

7.3       We will aim to let you know in advance of any suspension or termination of access to the Website or the access to Insights unless it is an emergency – in which case, we will let you know as soon as reasonably possible. You will not be entitled to any refund or other compensation on suspension or termination of the AST Project, Insights or the Website.

8           Our liability if you suffer loss or damage

8.1           Your participation in the AST Project is not a services or digital content contract for the purposes of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Accordingly, the rights and remedies specified in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 do not apply.

8.2           The Insights are provided free of charge, AS-IS and without warranty of any kind as to their accuracy or completeness. We are not a law firm and the Insights do not constitute legal advice or advice of any kind. They are provided for information purposes only. If you have any questions or concerns about your AST, you should seek dedicated legal advice.

8.3           We do not limit or exclude our liability for death or personal injury, fraud or any other matter which cannot be limited or excluded by law. In respect of any other claims or losses of any kind, we hereby exclude all liability to you arising out of your participation in the AST Project.

9           Cancellation of the Contract

9.1           You can cancel your participation in the AST Project at any time using the Website or by email to

9.2           We may suspend or terminate this contract and your participation in the AST Project at any time if:

9.2.1      the AST Project is suspended or ceases for any reason; or

9.2.2      we determine or have reasonable grounds to suspect that: (i) you are not acting in good faith; (ii) you have uploaded documents or information which is knowingly false or incorrect or without the necessary permissions; or (iii) you are seeking to commercially exploit the Insights; of (iv) you bring (or risk bringing) the AST Project into disrepute.

9.3           Upon cancellation of the contract for any reason:

9.3.1      you will no longer receive communications from us in respect of the AST Project and you will not receive the Insights; and

9.3.2      we shall be entitled to retain a copy of any ASTs and Supporting Data you have uploaded and use them as permitted by these terms and conditions.

10        General

10.1        We may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to another organisation. We will contact you to let you know if we do so. Any transfer will not affect your rights under these terms and conditions.

10.2        You cannot transfer any of your rights or obligations under these terms and conditions to anyone else without first getting our consent in writing.

10.3        If a court decides that any part of these terms and conditions are invalid or unenforceable, the remaining sections of these terms and conditions will not be affected and will remain in place.

10.4        If we delay in exercising any right we have under the contract, this will not stop us from exercising that right against you at a later date.

10.5        Unless we transfer our rights and obligations to another organisation, then this contract is only between you and us. This means no other person or organisation is a party to this contract and they do not have any rights under the contract.

10.6        If there is ever any dispute between you and us, then it will be resolved using the law of England and Wales. If you live in England or Wales, we both agree respectively that proceedings will be brought in the English courts. However, if you live in Scotland, you can bring proceedings in Scottish or English courts and if you live in Northern Ireland you can bring proceedings in Northern Irish or English courts.