The Tenancy Agreement Project

Crowdsourcing tenancy contracts in the UK to achieve fairness
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Please join our project by submitting your Tenancy Agreement

What are our goals?

Our aim for the Tenancy Agreement Project (the Project) is to drive fairness in Assured Shorthold Tenancy contracts (ASTs). A wide variety of different ASTs exist, some of which have been carefully drafted and others less so, leading to unreasonable, unnecessary, missing or ambiguous clauses. The economics of AST arrangements and the high cost of legal advice are such that there is little or no legal review of ASTs by either landlords or tenants. As a consequence, signed ASTs can be unfair or not fit for purpose and lead to avoidable disputes.

We believe that ASTs should be compliant with the law and applicable regulations, fairly balanced between the interests of both parties and have complete coverage of the key terms. An AST ‘fairness rating’ at the outset of marketing a property could reward landlords offering fair agreements and encourage others to amend their standard terms.

The first phase of the Project is to crowdsource 1,000 ASTs and use advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning techniques to derive qualitative and quantitative insights into the composition of ASTs, locally and nationally. We hope to be able to identify trends and devise fair contracting positions across all clause types which will allow us to score uploaded ASTs according to fairness and completeness for the benefit of landlords and tenants.

Thank you for taking part in our pilot phase and helping us hit our AST target. We’ll be in touch by email as soon as we have some insights to share with you about the AST you have uploaded.